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Looking to save on your overheads and add more flexibility when it comes to auditing & compliance?

We provide a turn-key solution, absorbing additional work at a competitive price, without the need for full-time and less flexible resource.

We offer a tailored, individual model for each client that is price competitive and has highly experienced professionals at its core, allowing you to focus on the day job without worrying about resource and cost.

Our approach allows us to fit within the culture of the customer organisation and provide incremental value both in terms of the actual output of the service and the commercial model deployed.

If you require any Safety, Compliance and Security services then please get in touch at or alternatively contact us on +44 (0) 1482 679757.

Stuart Jones

I have 30 years + working in the Aviation sector, working for both airlines and service providers such as Thomas Cook, MyTravel Airways, Monarch Airlines and Menzies Aviation. I have extensive experience in airline operational roles, have previously been a form 4 holder for several UK airlines in safety and compliance management, and over the last 15 years I have been working in management roles in safety, security, compliance and regulatory affairs.

Now, I manage the Bostonair auditing team and ensure that we are delivering high quality service to our clients. I regularly liaise with our customers on their requirements, allocate the correct resource and make sure my team are up to date with their training and qualifications.

If you have any auditing, safety or compliance requirements please get in touch: